Contract Production, Engineering and Outsourcing

As service provider for the industry, the OLPE Jena GmbH offers the contract production of fine-mechanical and mechatronical sub-assemblies, devices and technical equioment. As customer you can outsource the manufacturing of your products to us. Moreover we take over engineering works, as well as purchasing-services. We offer logistic concepts to optimize your supply chain and handle the shipping of your products to your end-customers if wished. Thats why we can not only support you in contract production but also along the whole value added chain:

You decide, which services you would like to take up with us. Assort to yourselves your individual performance package - Exactly, for you!

Our employees are available to you for a non-binding consultation any time with pleasure.

Quality Management according to the rules of DIN 9001

To give you more trust in our work, we have certified our workflows according to the DIN-standard 9001 and moreover follow DIN 13485 (Medical Technology).

QM Certificate EN ISO 9001:2015