Engineering Services

Engineering and Construction Support for your Engineering Department

Engineering Services are the easiest way to shortly expand needed engineering capacities. Within our Engineering-Services we offer:

  • Preparation of specification sheets according to your requirements
  • Prototype construction on the basis of your specification sheet
  • Engineering and construction of sub-assemblies, devices and plant modules
  • Revised construction of existing products
  • Design for assembly
  • Preparation of technical drawings, basic schedules and technical documentations

Moreover we provide our know-how in jigmaking and the manufacturing of assembling. Due to our project experience and our technical know-how of more than 14 years offering engineering-services, we are able to fullfill your requirements on:

  • Optical measuring methods
  • Pneumatic dimensioning
  • Application of sensors
  • Evaluation of same parts for the manufacturing optimization of handling systems
  • Optimization of action flows
  • Dimensioning of large distances, heavy loads and accuracies of XYZ-Action-Systems
  • Fast and accurate positioning of XYZ-Drive-Systems
  • Draft of the control system of a XYZ-Drive-Systems
  • Construction of precision application/ precision optimization
  • Draft and development of electrical installations for plants
  • Design for Assembly

Advantages and Profits for You

  • Optimal preparation for serial production as well as cost- and performance optimization for your products
  • Short termed expansion of your own engineering capacities
  • Increase of your engineering speed by our engineering support
  • Supplementation of your engineering know-how
  • Access to our expertise in medical-, security- and automation-technology

Arguments to work with us

The OLPE Jena GmbH is headquarted in the "Light-City" Jena, the centre of the fine mechanical and optic industry. Our know-how in the prototype construction and the exposure with precise optical and fine mechanical components and products is not only calendered by the multiplicity of managed projects but also by our environment here in Jena and Thuringia.

As provider of engineering services we know the requirements on fast and low-cost production sequences very well. That is why we are able to accompany you on the way from prototype status to pre-series and large-scale production. Furthermore our employes have considerable experience in the handling of projects or are trained in project management. Therefore we can give you a comprehensive consultation and adopt the monitoring of several engineering steps for you.

We would be pleased if you are interested in our engineering services. Please get in contact with us.

We work exactly - Exactly, for you!