Precision Assembly

Mounting the Assembly and Precision Assembly of Technical Devices and Technical Equipment

As specialist in precision assembly and service provider for the industry we offer a large scale of assembly work to our customers for the expansion of their production and manufacturing capacity:

  • Assembly of Precision Mechanics
  • Assembly of Electronic and Electronical Systems
  • Precision Assembly of Sensor Technics
  • Assembly of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Assembly by the use of product-specific Software
  • Precision Assembly under Clean Room Conditions
  • Prototype Construction, Pre-Series and Serial Production
  • Maintenance and Updating of Part Lists
  • Creation of Assembly Documentations

You have the possibility to outsource the mounting of assemblies as well as the assembly of technical devices and equipment, no matter if you just need support in prototype construction or serial production. Also, if you need to bridge a short term bottleneck in your production, we are here for you. We assemble according your specifications and documentations and, if wished, support you to update them and bring them up to scratch.

Advantages and Profits for You

  • You expand your production and manufacturing capacities without expensive investments
  • You can use your production capacities continously and therefor avoid peak loads and under-utilisation
  • You don't have to have additional staff in store
  • You create additional scope for your production and increase your flexibility and productivity
  • Common projects offer the chance to exchange experiences and to increase mutual know-how

Arguments to work with us

Since a lot of years the OLPE Jena GmbH works together with a permanent workforce of assembly personnel, who is exercised in the fields of fine mechanics, mechatronics electronic and industrial mechanics. Due to the amount of different projects and the continually product change within our production, a high level of flexibility and a distinctive technical understanding is required from our personnel. That is the reason why we as a specialist for precision assembly are able to guarantee to become quickly aquainted into your assembly process and your product-specific needs.

For special requirements of medical-technical and semi-conductor devices, we have around 1.000 square metres of ISO Class 6 and 7 clean rooms. Moreover our internal processes follow DIN 13485 and are certificated according to the quality management guidelines of the DIN 9001.

If you not only need support in precision assembly but also in engineering and/or logistics (material procurement, shipping to end customers) we can help you with that, too. We would be pleased if you get in contact with us.

We work exactly - Exactly, for you!