OLPE Jena GmbH - Your Specialist for Precision Assembly

... because the right partner is decisive for competition

The economic fluctuations and the worldwide competitive pressure demand of producing companies the consistent optimisation of her expenses, the increase of the efficiency of her products and a continuous improvement of the offered service. Besides, reliable partnerships along the value added chain are the condition for the greatest possible flexibility towards the customer and with it to mutual success.

The OLPE Jena GmbH gets on with her know-how and her innovation strength, as a specialist for precision assembly and as a manufacture partner on whole line. Started with the construction and development of products, the engineering for manufacture, up to the precision assembly of prototypes and series, and finally the complete logistics we can support our customers extensively.

... because we take quality for granted

Quality comes first with us and is a condition for our work. Already since our setting up in 1999 we work with ourselves in the house by the guidelines of the German Institute for Standardization EN ISO in 9001. Besides we follow EN ISO 13485, a separate regulation for medical-technical products.

... because our personnel can put your requirements into practice

We owe the flawless conversion of our quality management above all to our employees. Many years of experience with Zeiss and Jenoptik justify the exactness and precision with the projects most different our employees from the automation technology, security technology and medicine technology work on. Besides, a skilful mix from youth and experience protects the preservation and advancement of available knowledge which we divide in joint projects with pleasure with you.

Contact us, because we work exactly – Exactly, for you!